System Component, Electrical Insulation - Component E200050  
1P1PK825, 1P9FR, 1A025, 1PEN2, 1H86A, TP-####, TK-####, TPT-#####, 1G830, 1M868, 2P600, 2P300, NMN-###, 1N012, 1G006, 1G015, 1G027, 1P130, 1H860, 1K063, 1C821, 1H850, 1PK825, 1PN828, 1G130, 1K7177, 1P700, 1P702, 1P717, 1P808, 1P800, 1P801, 1P802, 1H862, 1H863, 1P350, 1P830, 1N008, 1P833, 1P701 B81 130(B)
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Construction Details (Table I)  

The use of this insulation system is limited to the combination of materials specified below. Where more than one item is designated under Insulation Function, they may be used together, unless otherwise indicated, or they may be used as alternates to one another. Functions designated "optional" are not necessarily required for every design. Insulation thicknesses and/or layers indicated below are minimum.
  Winding Wire - Recognized Component - Magnet wire (OBMW2), single build or greater, round or rectangular, copper or aluminum unless stated otherwise for the types listed below
- Recognized Component - Single and Multi-Layer Insulated Winding Wire (OBJT2) listed below
- Recognized Component - Appliance Wiring Material (AVLV2) listed below
- Bare conductors wrapped or interleaved with a paper or film listed below need not be a Recognized Component
(unless otherwise noted, winding wire types listed below may be used in combination within a single product)
MW 26 or 155C Polyester-imide
MW 28 and 130C Polyurethane (Polyamide)
MW 30 or 180C Polyester-amide-imide
MW 35 or 200C Polyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 73 or 200C Polyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 74 or 200C Polyester-amide-imide
MW 75 or 130C Polyurethane
MW 76 or 180C Polyester-amide-imide (Polyamide)
MW 79 or 155C Polyurethane
MW 80 or 155C Polyurethane (Polyamide)

Ground & Interwinding Insulations
     Designation (no.)mils(mm)comments
Dupont Teijin Films
     Mylar5 (0.13)polyethylene terephthalate film (PET)
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
     Nomex® 4105 (0.13)aramid insulating paper
     Nomex® 4145 (0.13)aramid insulating paper
     Nomex® 4185 (0.13)aramid insulating paper
     Zytel 101F28 (0.71)
     Zytel 101L28 (0.71)
     Zytel 103FHS28 (0.71)
     Zytel 103HSL28 (0.71)
     Zytel 132F28 (0.71)
     Zytel 70G13L15 (0.38)
     Zytel 70G30HSL15 (0.38)
     Zytel 70G33HS1L15 (0.38)
     Zytel 70G33L15 (0.38)polyamide 66
     Zytel E10128 (0.71)
     Zytel E103HSL28 (0.71)
     Zytel FR5028 (0.71)polyamide 66
P. Leo
     1P8015 (layers)Recognized Component - Insulating Tape (OANZ2)
     1P8025 (layers)Recognized Component - Insulating Tape (OANZ2)
Lead Wires(optional)
105 CPE - chlorosulfonated polyethylene +
105 PVC - polyvinylchloride +
125 EPDM - ethylene propylene diene monomer
125 XLPE - chemically crosslinked polyethylene
125 XLPE - irradiated crosslinked polyethylene
150 E/TFE - ethylene/tetraflouroethylene
150 EPDM - ethylene propylene diene monomer
150 SI - silicone rubber - with or without glass braid
150 XLPE - chemically crosslinked polyethylene
150 XLPE - irradiated crosslinked polyethylene
200 E/TFE - ethylene/tetraflouroethylene
200 SI - silicone rubber - with or without glass braid
200 TFE - tetraflouroethylene
+ To be isolated from direct contact with windings (magnet wire) by any insulating material (tape, layer insulation, sleeving,etc.) listed in this table - unless specifically excluded from this requirement by a special note at the beginning of this table.
Minor Sheet Insulations(optional)layer, outer, wrap etc.
     Designation (no.)comments
     CeQuin 3000
     CeQuin 30F, 30F30, F30F
     CeQuin 500
     CeQuin GeSat
     CeQuin GeSat G, -IG, -IGI, -GIG
     CeQuin I
     CeQuin IF, IFI, FIF
     CeQuin IG, IGI, GIG
     CeQuin II
     CeQuinbord 486 C Stage
     CeQuinbord CEL SATwith epoxy
     CeQuinbord Type 3
     TufQuin 100, 110, 120
Arlon (Chase Foster, Keene)
     Astromat NMN
     Astrotherm 180 XMX
     Astrotherm 200 XHX
     Epoxy "B" stage coated Nomex 5
     Estermat DM100
     Estermat DM70
     Estermat H CMC
     HS coated film-2
     PSA coated Nomex
     Permatherm plus CM10-1
     Permatherm plus CVM5-2
Cotrell Paper Co Inc.
     Fish Paper
     Kraft Paper
Dupont -Teijin Films
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
     Nomex 410
Miki Tokusys Paper mfg.
     PB-2press board paper
P. Leo
     NMN-###### = layer thickness in mils
     TK-##### - represents thickness layer in mils
     TP-##### - represents thickness layer in mils
     TPT-###### - represents thickness layer in mils
Riegel Products (James River)
     65C Rise Paper
     EB100 AE-C
     EB100 AG-C
     EB100 AZ-C
     EB100 OR-C
     Flexlam CMC
     Flexlam DMD100
     Flexlam NMN
     Flexlam QM
     Flexlam RM
     Flexlam TMT
     Rag Paper
Von Roll USA Inc. (Bedford Materials)
     5JF44varnish glass cloth
     Memco 100 DMD
     Pyrolam 100X
Cores, Tubes Bobbins(optional)for mechanical support only
     Designation (no.)comments
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
     Rynite 935
     Rynite FR530
     Rynite FR945
Precision Paper Tube Co.
     Dielectric Kraft
     Heat-Shrink Mylar
     Polyester Glass
     Pyroform 310
     Resinite FR9120
     Thermoform 700
     Thin Wall P-100
     Vulcanized Fiber
Stone Industrial
     Designation (no.)comments
     1C821cotton cloth
     1G006aramid fiber (Nomex) paper
     1G015silicone adhesive, glass cloth
     1G027rubber adhesive, glass cloth
     1G130glass cloth
     1H850polyester film
     1H860acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1H862acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1H863acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1K063silicone adhesive, polyimide film
     1K7177Kapton film
     1N008Aramid fiber (Nomex), Acrylic Adhesive
     1N012Aramid fiber (Nomex), Acrylic Adhesive
     1P130acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1P350PET film, acrylic adhesive
     1P700polyester film
     1P701polyester film
     1P702polyester film
     1P717polyester film
     1P800polyester film
     1P801acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1P802acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1P808polyester film
     1P830acrylic adhesive, polyester film
     1P833PET film, acrylic adhesive
     1PK825polyester knit
     1PN828woven polyester cloth
Spacers and Wedges(optional)
     Designation (no.)comments
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
     Nomex 410aramid insulating paper
     Rynite 935
     Rynite FR530
     Rynite FR945
     Zytel 101L
     Zytel 103HSL
     Zytel 70G13L
     Zytel 70G30HSL
     Zytel 70G33HS1L
     Zytel 70G33L
     Zytel FR50
Glastic Corp.
     Poly (Dog Bone)
     EFMflexible, glass reinforced thermosetting polyester
     EHCglass reinforced thermosetting polyester
     ETR-FR-Cflame retardant glass reinforced polyester
     ETSNRMA GPO-1 130
     H755NRMA GPO-1 155
     HST-IIglass reinforced thermosetting polyester
National Vulcanized Fiber
     Lamicor EG 873glass/epoxy
     Lamicor G-11-861glass/epoxy
     Lamicor G-5-813glass/melamine
     Lamicor G-7-838glass/silicone
     Lamicor G-9-818glass/melamine
     Lamicor GP-200HP
     Lamicor GP-9107glass/polyester
     Lamicor GP-9206
     Lamicor GP-9306
     Lamicor LE 675fabric/phenolic
     Lamicor XX 324paper/phenolic
     Peerless 110vulcanixed fibre sheet
P. Leo
     Supersil Polyglas
Various Manufacturers
     Maple, Seasoned
     Designation (no.)comments
Atkins & Pearce Inc.
     Ben Har 1151-FR
     Ben Har 1151-XL-200silicone rubber coated fiberglass
     Ben Har 1151-XL-240
     Ben Har 1151-XL-FR-1
     Ben Har Acryl
     Ben Har Ex-Flex 1500
     Suflex Acrylflex F
     Suflex Acrylflex VPI-NF
     Suflex Flexicone 200
     Suflex Silicone Resin
     Suflex Silicone Rubber
     Suflex Silverflex T & D
     1062silicone rubber coated fiberglass
Delfingen US, Inc. (Sofanou)
     Hygrade H-B-1
     Hygrade H-C-1
     Flexite LM-145 shrinkdown
     Flexite PO-135 shrinkdown
     Flexite Spiral Cut Nylon
     Flexite Spiral Cut TFE
     Flexite TFE
     Nu-Flex HT1220 (Thermoflex 1200)
     Nu-Flex HTS520 (Thermoflex 500)
     Nu-Sleeve SG200-A (SR 398 H-A-1)
     Nu-Sleeve VG130-A (VF A)
     Nu-Sleeve VG130-B (VF B)
Delfingen US, Inc. (Sofanou, Jenisco)
     Nu-Flex HT1220 (HT210)
     Nu-Flex HT1232 (HT220)
     Nu-Flex HTS520 (AW751)
     Nu-Flex HTS532 (AW752)
     Nu-Sleeve AG155-A (AC435)
     Nu-Sleeve SG200-A (ER 565)
     Nu-Sleeve VG130-A (VC325)
     SE 545
     SR 555
     WV 651
     WV 652
Goldstar Cable
     Heat Treated (std)
     Heat Treated-Saturated (std)1/32 in. wall
     Hilec 210
     Hilec 410
     Hilec 540
     Hilec 710
     Turbo 117E A
     Turbo 117E B
     Turbo 117E C1
     Turbo 117F
     Turbo 117F A
     Turbo 117F B
     Turbo 117F C
     Turbocryl C1
     Vol-Glas P
     Vol-Glas heavy-wall
P. Leo
     2T-TFL.xxteflon tube
     2T-TFS.xxteflon tube
     2T-TFT.xxteflon tube
     Sumitube F2
     Varglas A397 acrylic
     Varglas Non-Fray Type H
     Varglas Non-Fray Type HM
     Varglas Silicone Resin 500
     Varglas Silicone Rubber
     Varglas Silicone Rubber ES 4400
     Varglas Viton 231
Tie Cords(optional)
     Designation (no.)comments
American Efird Inc.
     LP 1008
     LP 1012
     LP 1126
     LP 1552
     LP 1556
Atkins & Pearce Inc.
     A4C1B1-T6 CON
     MS 9023 HSUN-4
     MS 9023-T4
     MS 9044-T4
     N884 LN346
Breyden Products
     5070, 5100, 5200, 5311, 5312, 5313, 5350, 150, 225, 350optional prefix of "G" or suffixes of "-1"
     60, 75, 100, 200, 252, 330, 350, 390, 500, 504, 6100, 6200, 6500, 3MC, 5MC, 7MCoptional prefix of "HT" or suffixes of "-1" or "-LS"
     48silicone coated fiberglass
     Fiberglass, Untreated
     Silicone Coated Fiberglass
Western Filament